3 Fun Gift Ideas for the Lady in Your Life Who Loves to Workout

Want to surprise the lady in your life who makes working out a priority in her life, but not sure what will impress her? Here are a few fun gift ideas to consider that just might be right up her alley: A Marathon Vacation Running a marathon is an excellent way for someone to test their own fitness skills and challenge themselves to meet new heights they've yet to achieve, so why not take your loved one on a fun vacation that includes running a marathon together?

Popper Lures Deliver Awesome Top-Water Bass Fishing Success

Newbies to bass fishing wonder what the secret is to catching their elusive quarry. The right mix of picking the proper location, understanding the season of the year, and using the appropriate lure all lead to hooking largemouth bass with consistency. Beginners might find chasing bass during the hot summer months with top-water popping lures to be among the easiest strategies for catching largemouths. Hot Summers Mean Top-Water Action When the summer months are very hot, largemouth bass are going to feed with more consistency than in the fall or spring thanks to a seasonal-induced faster metabolism.