Child Have Dreams Of Becoming A Professional Skateboarder? 2 Tips To Get Them Started

If your child has dreams of becoming a professional skateboarder, they can start doing a lot of things right now to get them ready. Even if they end up changing their mind, skateboarding will be fun for them. Below are two tips on how they can get started with this thrilling sport:

Get Training

Skateboarding can be very dangerous, so it is important that your child gets the proper training before they try to do any tricks. A trainer will start them out slowly on how to ride the skateboard and the proper form to use.

Once they get used to the skateboard and can stay on it with no problems, the trainer will move onto beginner tricks. For example, they may teach your child to do an ollie, which is where they will kick the tail of their skateboard down while they are jumping to make their skateboard go upward into the air. Your child may also learn the heel flip, which is an aerial trick where they will kick out on the front, and flip their skateboard around 360 degrees.

The trainer can go over these tricks, as well as other tricks, with your child. The trainer will also tell you the safety equipment you need to purchase, such as a helmet, knee pads, and elbow pads.

Choose a Longboard or Skateboard

When shopping for skateboards you will find both a longboard and a traditional skateboard. With a longboard, your child can still do their tricks. Most people use longboards on the street instead of in a skate park, however.  These boards are often used for cruising and transportation. Longboards are generally less expensive when compared to traditional skateboards. Longboards have medium-sized, flexible wheels, which allows for more flexible maneuvers, such as riding the skateboard over bumps and around corners. These wheels also give this skateboard a smoother ride.

Downhill longboards are also available, which would work well when your child gets older. These are used when riding down steep slopes. This is a stiffer board to give the rider more stability, as well as the ability to achieve high speeds. This type of skateboarding can be done anywhere as long as the street is steep and the asphalt is smooth.

A skateboard is much easier to carry and your child can use this type of board to do more difficult tricks. In most cases, your child will start out with a skateboard and can move over to a longboard as they get older. It would be beneficial for them to have both a longboard and a skateboard. This is especially true if they like to go to skate parks. They can always use their longboard to travel to the skate park and then use their skateboard to do their tricks.

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