Fishing Boat Rental Services: Catching Trophy Fish On New Waters

If you're booking a fishing boat rental adventure this summer, chasing after trophy fish might just be the highlight of your trip. Before finalizing your fishing boat rental trip, here are some things to consider if you're hoping to catch monster fish.

Scouting and Networking

Figuring out how to locate fish and how to convince them to bite your lure can take hundreds of hours you probably don't have.

Local Knowledge

Before booking a fishing boat rental reservation, it's important to ask your provider about local guides in the area. In many cases, guides will be willing to show you around and even lend you the right tackle and gear for a fraction of the cost of a guided fishing trip. Making these types of connections can help you catch more fish and bigger fish.

Satellite Images

Satellite images of an area can help you pick out productive spots and drastically reduce your learning curve. When scouring satellite images, it can be helpful to print images of the area that extend back decades. By studying older satellite images, you can often locate channels, structures, and other features that attract big fish. You can also use these satellite images to record GPS coordinates to plug into your navigation unit on your fishing boat rental.

Accessorized and Upgraded

When you book a fishing boat rental, you're likely to have many options. Choosing the right accessories and baits can help you catch bigger fish during your trip.


The latest fishing sonar devices give anglers the opportunity to see just about everything swimming beneath their boat. When booking a fishing boat rental, you might want to consider adding an advanced sonar unit to your fishing boat rental package. If you pay the extra money for one of these sonar units, ask your fishing boat rental service provider to give you the model of the unit you'll be using. Before your trip, you can study online tutorials to help you use the sonar unit during your fishing boat adventure.


Paying a little extra for a more powerful motor can help you zip between fishing locations more efficiently. When choosing engine upgrades, you should also consider fuel efficiency and gas tank storage. If the motor is powerful but inefficient, you won't be able to go very far unless you have a sufficiently large gas tank. It's important to ask specific questions about the power, efficiency, and gas tank capacity before you book a fishing boat rental.

For more information about fishing boat rental services, contact a local sporting goods store.