Planning A Bike Trip? Visit Your Local Repair Shop First

Gathering with a group of cycling enthusiasts and taking a multiday bike ride is something that might be on your bucket list. The idea of being on the open road and keeping fit while you enjoy the scenery is certainly appealing. The last thing you want to experience is a bicycle problem that slows you down — especially if the issue were preventable. You can decrease the likelihood of such problems by visiting a local bicycle repair shop in advance of your trip. Leave your bike with the technicians for a few days to have them go over it carefully and potentially make the following repairs.

Checking Hardware

Over time, the hardware that holds your bike's various components together can loosen. This can especially be the case if you use your bike frequently or ride on rough terrain. When hardware is loose, it may simply need to be tightened — or, the threads could loosen to the point that the hardware cannot be tightened. Have a bicycle repair technician carefully go over your bike to check each piece of hardware and replace any problematic pieces. For example, the bolts that hold your front forks in place need to be strong and tight to avoid a crash on your trip.

Assessing Tread Depth

Just as you might think about your car's tires before a road trip, you should also give some consideration to your bicycle tires in advance of a trip. Tires with worn-out treads won't give you the control you desire, which can especially be risky if you find yourself traveling in inclement weather with slippery conditions. Your bicycle repair technician will be able to assess the tread depth and replace your tires if needed. Additionally, the technician will check how evenly the tires are wearing; if the wear is uneven, adjustments to the bike may be necessary.

Inspecting Brakes

Even if your bike's brakes work properly, it's always a good idea to have a trained professional inspect them before you take a bike trip. The brake cables can be checked for issues; for example, if a cable has been pinched, it could snap during your trip. Additionally, the brake pads can be assessed for wear and alignment. If they're not up to par, the technician will be able to replace them before you take your trip. By putting your bike through these three tasks, you'll feel much more confident on your upcoming trip.