Fake Greens For Real Fun: Faux Turf Takes A Real Turn

Fake turf is pretty common, especially on football fields where it aids the players in running faster and not slipping and falling down. In recent years, many other sports have been incorporating fake turf into their play as well. These fake "greens" allow avid players of various sports to play year round, even when inclement weather moves players indoors. Here are just some of the sports and sport turf mats you can buy to play a favorite sport indoors.

Baseball Turf Mat(s)

Baseball indoors is not that uncommon. Walk into a sporting goods store and they might have a couple of indoor batting cages. With many pro stadiums constructing retractable domes, pro baseball has become an inside sport too. If you want to play a little baseball inside, you can buy baseball turf mats for that. There are home plate turf mats, pitching turf mats and on-deck circular turf mats, just so that the feel of your game is real. The mats can also be used outside and rinsed with a garden hose.

Golf Turf Mats

Avid golfers are constantly working on their swinging and putting skills. To help them, the golfing industry created turf mats just for indoor golfing activities. Most of these help you with your golf swing or putting skills, but if you are willing to spend the big bucks on your hobby, you can get a full-sized golf "green" with a hole for the ball to edge into.

Soccer End Zone Turf Mats

Soccer is one of those sports that requires umpteen hours of practice because there is no predictability to how your foot will strike the ball during a kick or how the ball will fly into the net. Soccer end zone turf mats provide you with a net and some faux turf that is a little tougher to kick through. Strengthen your moves and learn to aim your kicks into the net. Indoors, this keeps everything else in the room from becoming a casualty of the game (i.e., broken) and keeps kids and adults active on rainy days.

Where to Buy

Most of the smaller mats for these sports can be found in most sporting goods stores, such as Coach Norman Turf. However, the much larger mats or mats with nets and special features may have to be ordered online. Call your sporting goods stores ahead of time to see which faux turf products they carry for really good sporting fun.