3 Fun Gift Ideas for the Lady in Your Life Who Loves to Workout

Want to surprise the lady in your life who makes working out a priority in her life, but not sure what will impress her? Here are a few fun gift ideas to consider that just might be right up her alley:

A Marathon Vacation

Running a marathon is an excellent way for someone to test their own fitness skills and challenge themselves to meet new heights they've yet to achieve, so why not take your loved one on a fun vacation that includes running a marathon together? Even if you don't intend or aren't able to run an entire marathon, you can start the process with them for encouragement and then meet them at the finish line to offer your congratulations.

Browse an online list of scheduled marathons around the country and choose one in a place where your loved one has never been before and where you can plan lots of interesting activities to do other than running the marathon. Plan a vacation itinerary, print it out, wrap it up, and present it to your loved one a few days before you have to leave so they have some time to prepare.

A Meal Service Gift Certificate

Support your loved one's active lifestyle and help them get the most out of their workouts by surprising them with a gift certificate good for a month or more worth of nutritious meal delivery services.

There are several meal delivery companies on the market that cater to those who focus on fitness by offering up healthy, protein-rich, delicious meals that can simply be heated up in the oven or microwave and enjoyed before a big workout or long hiking trip. Having meals delivered to your loved one will save her some time in the kitchen that can be used for fitness or relaxing, whichever she sees fit—which is something she's sure to thoroughly appreciate.  

Brazilian Leggings

Whether running a marathon, spending time in the neighborhood gym, or getting fit in the garage, the lady in your life who loves to workout needs something comfortable and trendy to wear that will make her feel good about the progress she's making. This is where women's Brazilian leggings come into play. They're soft, comfortable, and come in a variety of styles and designs that will meet your loved one's personal preferences.

They can be worn under a dress when out dancing, under running shorts while jogging, or on their own with a cute top for a day in town with friends. Consider buying her two or three pair of leggings that you think she'd look great in, and giving her a gift certificate to buy a pair or two herself that she likes the best.